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The Cultural Center features levels connected by a large foyer. The different levels are linked with white ribbon-like walkways. Images of Chinese theater masks greet the visitors. The building houses a multi-functional concert hall holding 1400 seats and a children’s theater with 350 seats; the concert hall boasts great acoustic qualities suitable for large performances and smaller productions. Additionally, the adjustable ceiling helps create 7-8 different types of halls in the very same space. The dynamic waves of the balcony create a special visual experience, prepared as they are in thick wooden cladding.

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The building uses solar collectors to decrease the amount of energy necessary for managing the building’s climate control. The museum’s façade and interiors were developed with keen attention to the local culture, and it really is quite spectacular. We love the winding staircases and rather unusual sense of openness and transparency the building exudes.

+ Zoboki-Demeter Architects