The University of Florida has just added a Solar Dok to its growing sustainability profile. Solar Dok is an off-grid solar powered electronics charging hub perfect for Internet cafes, college campuses and your back deck. Designed and fabricated by EnerFusion, the “SD-1” design is made from recycled and recyclable materials (milk jugs, water bottles, aluminum) and includes internal batteries large enough to store energy for nighttime use, 4 power outlets, 2 USB ports and timed LED lights for late night bookworms.

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The hub is capable of recharging pretty much any battery-powered device a gadget-loving college student would ever think to own; including laptops, cellphones, PDAs, DVD players, digital cameras, recorders, and personal gaming devices.

The Dok was chosen from a portfolio of solar projects because, according to Housing Green Team Captain, Sharon Blansett “It’s high profile, you can’t miss seeing it”.

A high-tech eyesore, “SD-1” is basically a clunky climate-conscious picnic table framed in aluminum and reinforced with a solar umbrella.

The fully functional, no frills furniture was purchased with grant money and joins other sustainability projects in the University of Florida’s Diamond Commons including an herb garden, greywater collection, and recycled glass tile flooring.

A “cutting power cord ceremony” is scheduled for September 14th.

+ EnerFusion

Via Sustainable UF