Rossinavi’s Oneiric catamaran concept is a sustainable technology dream boat, quite literally. It’s a catamaran that features three levels of solar panels to power fully electric navigation. Plus, there is an AI-driven control center that manages energy consumption to reduce environmental impact.

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A catamaran floating in a water

Italian shipyard Rossinavi collaborated with Zaha Hadid Architects to chart a new era of sustainable yachting with the Oneiric concept. ZHA’s design combined with the best efficiency and functionality that cutting edge technology can support. As a result, it made the Oneiric a beautiful experience for boaters while prioritizing the health of the ocean.

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The outside lounging area of the catamaran

An efficient battery pack stores energy from the solar panels, while the control center monitors energy consumption on board the Oneiric. The AI can observe environmental impact and use that information to advise on the most sustainable navigation. Furthermore, the boat is actually a hybrid, but it can operate in full electric mode with zero emissions for a day trip. If the owner wants to cross larger parts of the ocean for a longer journey, the yacht can run in all electric mode 70% of the time, which saves 40 tons of CO2 compared to a conventional boat.

The front seating area of the catamaran

Moreover, the solar panels can be removed and repurposed to power a family home while on land. We don’t know how many people will be moving and reinstalling their solar panels, but it’s a nice concept for a traveling vessel. Along with the solar power, Oneiric has energy-efficient multihulls. The hulls’ length-to-width ratio allows for greater hydrodynamic efficiency when moving through the water.

Inside sleeping area of the catamaran

Meanwhile, the sleek wood paneling and smooth surfaces of the interior and exterior of the Oneiric are inspired by the fluidity and dynamism of ocean waves. The curved walls and ceiling of the cockpit also serve the purpose of opening views to the water. On the lower level swim platforms, it creates an open space that is directly connected to the water behind the boat.

Inside living room area in the catamaran

There is also a media room, multiple interior and exterior lounging and dining spaces, an owner’s suite and four small guest cabins. Many of the interior recycled and recyclable materials were chosen to reduce the weight and energy needs of the catamaran. Best of all, the Oneiric is equipped with Rossinavi Zero Noise technology. It’s the perfect sustainable vacation yacht for relaxing in peace without damaging the oceans.

+ Zaha Hadid Architects

Images via Zaha Hadid Architects