The problem with grid-powered electric cars, bikes, and scooters is that you never know what’s supplying their energy. Is it coal, solar, nuclear, or some combination of the three? Enter the E-Move Charging Station, a  solar-powered filling station in Bozen, Denmark that can charge up to eight vehicles at the same time. With the E-Move station, you’ll always know where your vehicles power is coming from – the sun!

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The prototype station, designed by Valentin Runggaldier, consists of eight mono-crystalline solar panels. The panels produce a total of 1.76 kWp of solar energy, and Runggaldier predicts that the station can generate up to 2,000 kWh over the course of a year. No word on how long the filling stations require to charge different devices, but unless people have the capacity to wait all day while a plug-in car is charged, the stations might be best suited for smaller devices.

Runggaldier’s Bozen station is just the first in what is likely to be a series of solar-powered charging docks located throughout Europe. If all goes well with the test model, Runggaldier plans to sell his station to local governments, private companies, and car rental agencies. The owners of the filling stations will dole out solar power only when consumers pay by cell phone or credit card.

Via Ecofriend