The Arizona sun is strong–so strong that one Phoenix man is using it to power up his motorcycle. Richard Gryzch’s Solar Flyer motorcycle, named after the Radio Flyer red wagon, has a 50 mile range and can supposedly top 90 MPH. The inventor is so sure of his bike that he sold a home and a number of other motorcycles to finance it.


Gryzch doesn’t provide many details about the workings of the Solar Flyer, but the bike appears to have flexible solar panels coating its outer skin. No word on how long the panels take to charge the bike, but it’s safe to assume the Solar Flyer takes many hours to juice up completely. In the future, the inventor hopes to develop a solar-powered bike with a 300 mile range.

The Solar Flyer isn’t the first solar-powered motorcycle to come along in recent months. Prometheus Solar founder Jim Corning has developed a model with a 50 mile range that can go up to 70 MPH.

Via Autobloggreen

Photos via iReport