Biofuel-powered planes may be the next big thing in aviation, but PC-Aero has a vision for a new wave of emission-free aircraft that are charged solely by the sun. Using a system similar to what we’re already beginning to see with electric vehicles, their Elektra One electric aircraft spends its downtime recharging in a solar hangar dubbed the Green Village Airfield.

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The project, which is still in the planning phase, expects that the one-seater Elektra One plane could fly for over three hours sans CO2 emissions before needing to return to the hangar for recharging. PC-Aero says that the plane will feature top-notch batteries, electric motors, solar cells and a light fiber composite structure. No word on how long it might take to recharge though — we’re guessing quite a long time. If all goes well with the Elektra One, expect two and four-seater electric aircraft to follow.

+ PC-Aero