This morning the Solar Impulse airplane embarked upon the next leg of its sun-powered journey across the United States. The solar-powered giant has already traveled from the San Francisco Bay Area to Arizona, and at 5am it took off from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport en route to Dallas. The record-breaking flight marks a pivotal point in the team’s attempt to be the first to fly across the the country without using a single drop of fuel.

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The first part of the Across America journey was flown by Andre Borscberg-he will also get the plane to Texas. Solar Impulse pilot and co-founder of Bertrand Piccard will then take over the controls and take the plane safely from Dallas to St-Louis. Each segment of the cross-country journey will be streamed live on Solar Impulses’ website as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Viewers will be shown altitude and speed information in real time.

Names of those who join the global clean technology movement promoted by Solar Impulse will be carried on a USB key kept in the cockpit and transported across America as virtual passengers. As part of the initiative, the pilots are carrying five custom-designed flags displaying the Clean Generation slogan, which they hand over to civic leaders at each stop.

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