Solar Impulse, the experimental solar-powered aircraft with just enough room for a pilot, is still on its way around the world, despite a number of delays due to poor weather conditions. The project has been grounded in Nanjing, China, since April 21 where they landed after a one-day flight following a three-week weather delay. The sun-powered plane was originally planned to embark on the five-day trans-Pacific journey on May 5, now delayed to at least May 9. André Borschberg, co-founder of Solar Impulse, will pilot the record-setting Pacific Ocean crossing as soon as conditions are favorable. Borschberg has been gearing up for the challenge by fine tuning his yoga and meditation techniques and become more comfortable in the cramped cockpit of the solar-powered aircraft. He’s also used his time on the ground to comb over the aircraft, making sure that everything is in tip-top condition for the five-day flight to Hawaii. Solar Impulse is traveling around the world, powered entirely by the sun, as an ambassador of the #FutureIsClean movement, a global effort to raise awareness for clean energy.

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Images via Solar Impulse