What if instead of standard streetlights your nighttime walks were brightened by light-laden boughs of luminous leaves? That’s the concept behind Jongoh Lee‘s elegant Invisible Streetlight, a solar-powered alternative to those ubiquitous energy-sucking globes posted throughout parks and other public spaces. The lamps are designed to wind around existing branches, seamlessly integrating into their environs to enchanting effect. The design makes a wonderful addition to the current crop of beautiful biomimetic led lamps.

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Entwined among existing tree branches, Lee’s lucent leaves store the sun’s energy throughout the day and burst forth with light at night in a visual metaphor for photosynthesis. “The most innovative element of Invisible Streetlight is that it does not require a support because the flexible body in the shape of tree branch is directly installed to the trees lining a street.”

The beautiful solution to un-intrusive nighttime lighting was recently awarded with a prestigious IDEA award. Perfect for parks and other tree-lined spaces, the invisible streetlight provides an inviting ambiance without breaking up the experience of the outdoors.

+ Jongoh Lee

+ International Design Excellence Awards

Via NOTCOT.org and It’s Green Design