This new solar initiative is stirring up a storm in Oakland, California. Solar Mosaic is a social community project with a difference, helping to create a more sustainable energy source while bringing in jobs for the local residents. To overcome issues preventing people investing in solar – high costs, rented houses, lack of direct sunlight – 5,000 solar tiles are being sold to locals for $100 each. These will then be installed on the roofs of community buildings such as youth centers and schools to generate energy for the community. Revenue and additional earnings from the tiles will then go towards more community funded solar projects.

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With 17.5 percent of the population living below the poverty line in Oakland, the project promises to be an even greater success by employing workers trained in the city to mount the tiles. As carbon pollution is avoided and money is kept in the community, the project states its a “win win win win win” situation! Watch the above video to better understand the project.

With it’s Energy and Climate Action Plan underway, the city aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 36 percent below 2005 levels within 10 years, and 85 percent of 2005 levels by 2050. This new form of renewable energy, funded by the local community, for the local community promises that everyone in the area will benefit from the revenue and energy produced by the mosaic of solar tiles.

According to the Solar Mosaic Website, for each $100 Solar Mosaic Tile purchased in Oakland Solar Mosaic project over 50 watts of clean, beautiful solar power will be installed, and an Oakland non-profit, school, or community center will save over $125 on their utility bills. Plus, another $150 of community solar will be purchased with project proceeds, and nearly a TON of coal can be left in the ground. On top of all that, local green jobs will be created and purchasers will earn their money back.

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