Canton House Romania by Marc Thorpe Design shows just how many options there are for going off-grid with cabins. The Canton House Romania project used solar panels, locally sourced timber and unique rooflines to create a trio of unique hotel cabins.

A cabin with a sloped triangle roof sits in the middle of the woods

Designer and architect Marc Thorpe takes a holistic systems thinking approach to architecture. Thorpe wanted to match the traditional architectural style of the Carpathian mountains while reflecting a modern aesthetic with these tiny hotel cabins.

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Two cabins with sloped roof sit in the middle of the woods

The fact that they are a trio makes them even more beautiful. If you look at the profile, it has an angular triangular roofline that points to the sky, almost reminiscent of a church spire and yet completely modern. This is the result of an open collaborative design process that prioritizes listening to a broad set of client needs.

A rectangle cabin with the curtains drawn half way through the open windows

When the Canton House cabins are viewed from the end, the viewer sees the more expected square roofline of a sleek, modern, off-grid cabin that is complete with heavy overhangs. Every side of the house is different. It’s an exploration in what off-grid cabins can be in technology and design.

A living room with a blue sofa and in the background is the kitchen area

The cabins are completely covered in gray shingles on the outside, both walls and roof. Inside, however, a spacious living area and small kitchen with a passthrough complete one end of each cabin that exit to the outdoors via sliding glass door. While the other more private end has an ultra-modern bedroom with platform bed, recessed lighting and a large pane window.

A minimalistic bedroom with a bed that faces a window

We love how much space has been fit into these tiny cabins in the interior through the careful use of storage and elevated ceilings. Check them out to get ideas for your off-grid solar cabin project.

+ Marc Thorpe Design

Images via Marc Thorpe Design