Drzach & Suchy Solar Palms

The top part of the Solar Palm leaves are layered with multiple DSSC-based solar modules that are not only highly efficient, but also low cost. The bottom part of the leaf is a single sheet of luminescent fabric that gives off full-surface illumination and can be customized to mimic the look of any type of palm without impeding the trees’ energy collection.

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As far as energy absorption, these specific modules offer an especially robust type of solar technology because they are designed to cope with partial shadows and sub-optimal sun angles. Once the energy is absorbed, it is stored in an accumulator hidden in the tree base. The solar-generated energy is then used to power the leaves, providing a bright illumination to the surrounding area. The trees’ energy can also be used to charge mobile devices through its integrated USB connection.

+ Drzach & Suchy

Images via Drzach & Suchy