Solar panels aren’t usually installed because they’re good-looking. But the Swiss design firm Drzach and Suchy thinks that solar power can be beautiful–literally. The pair have created “piksol”, a solar-powered pixel that lets architects and designers generate photovoltaic mosaics on building facades.

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Drzach and Suchy haven’t built a full-sized model of piksol yet–so far, they’ve just made a small prototype of the shadow-casting panel. But the pair imagines that a series of piksols attached to a building facade could cast pixel-shaped shadows that form larger images. Of course, the images wouldn’t be visible on cloudy days or at night.

We love the idea, but wonder how cost-effective and efficient the piksol would actually be in practice. Here’s hoping Drzach and Suchy let us find out!

+ Drzach and Suchy

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