This solar-powered bike isn’t bullet-proof, but its Batmobile-like design is certainly superhero worthy. It is a moped that has a movable shell casing — inspired by the armadillidiidae, or pillbug — that is completely covered with solar panels. Grab your bike, jet through the city, then close the solar covering and the entire surface of the bike absorbs the sun and powers itself while you’re away. Though this is just a concept-mobile, it seems like a great way to solve the, “where do we charge our EV,” problem.

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The bike was designed by Barcelona-based design firm Guimeràicinca as a concept car of the future. They estimate that the vehicle would have a range of 12 miles and go up to 30 miles per hour, making it the perfect mode of transportation for city dwellers. With the current number of charging stations in short supply, why not let your vehicle charge itself with the sun while you’re away?

The curved body of the bike is retractable; when you hop off at your destination it fans open and the full array of solar panels are revealed. When you are ready to hop back on they fan closed and reveal your seat. The design of the panels allows it to look great while fanned open and closed. While we wait for this design to become a reality, we’ll sit back a dream of saving the city on a solar powered go-machine.

+ Guimeràicinca