The Bauhaus Barge is a unique solar-powered cruising houseboat that prides itself on using no fuel at all. Built by Jurgen Huber, the zero energy Barge is designed to offer “carbon neutral cruising & living at its finest!” The cozy-looking houseboat features solar panels, extensive insulation, and an efficient lynch motor that allows the vessel to travel with as little environmental impact as possible.

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Jurgen has incorporated a suite of ideas to reduce energy usage, while also making the houseboat a nicer place to spend time in. A skylight and additional windows means the space is flooded with sunlight, while a large fully glazed door keeps heat from escaping. He also built under-floor heating throughout the barge, as well as an Art Deco (or Bauhaus style) 1930’s solid burning stove to keep the space warm during cold winters.

The entire 3.66 by 14 meter space is divided up into an open lounge and kitchen area, two cabins and a bathroom. The roof, Jurgen says, can also be used as a seating area for lazing about on sunny days as the solar panels do their work.

On his website, Jurgen is very specific about the technical details, and wants to encourage others to follow suit, incorporating the highly original Bauhaus features into their barge renovations. The boathouse has 25 square meters of photovoltaic panels that boast 1.64 peak kw output.

Jurgen told Inhabitat that lynch motors are ideal for canal crafts, and combined with a battery bank and solar offers a real alternative to conventional energy sources like diesel. He says that it is the most efficient on the market, adding that in Britain this saves an extra 25 percent on a British Waterways licence.

Fortunately, says Jurgen, technology has advanced since he first created the Barge three years ago. For more information about the Bauhaus Barge click the link below.

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Images via Jurgen Huber / Bauhaus Barge