The World Solar Challenge across the Australian outback is coming up, and we’re already seeing some truly incredible vehicles going for the gold. Take the Bethany, a solar powered vehicle designed by Cambridge University students. The vehicles is capable of achieving close to 60 miles per hour. Doesn’t sound to impressive? Try doing it by using the power required to run a hairdryer.

Cambridge University Eco Racing team is quite proud of its prototype, and it is easy to see why. The Bethany’s power source is collected via 6m2 worth of solar cells which cover the top of the vehicle. Thanks to careful design, the car weighs a measly 170 kg, come equipped with a battery management control system, an energy generating braking system and an energy-efficient hub motor.

Cambridge University Eco Racing team hopes is to win the World Solar Challenge, but the competition is fierce. The team believes, however, that they have the best possible design, and are determined to give it their best shot. More importantly, the Bethany is a model of future-forward technology which they hope will pave the way for future green vehicles.

+ Cambridge University Eco Racing Team

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