If you’re a cycler in the city, you know that trying to find a place to lock up on a busy sidewalk can often be as difficult as finding a spot to park a car. A short supply of bike racks and strict lock-up restrictions are a growing problem for some  cyclists in crowded cities, but enter the Biketower – a sweet multi-story, solar-powered, automated parking lot designed specifically for bicycles!

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Designed by E-bike Mobility, the Biketower BT 20-112 is a fully automated bicycle park and hiring station that can managed up to 112 bicycles. Depending on the number of bikes being stored, the height of the tower can be adjusted from one to six floors.

E-bike Mobility envisions that the tower would be accessible year round, 24 hours a day – and for those with fancier rides featuring electric motors – the tower will also feature a solar-powered charging station that can also serve passing EVs.

The winner of the 2011 Green Eurobike Award, the design will be manufactured by Bartsch GmBH. And if you want to see the Biketower in action, a prototype version, dubbed the Biketower bt 72, is currently available for use at the central rail station in Meckenbeuren, Germany.

+ Eurobike Award 2011

Via Designboom