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The clients were looking for a contemporary wooden house that would provide them the most amount of comfort on their limited budget. The wooden post and beam house was designed around a central clay core that houses the staircase leading up to the first and second floors. Utility lines and the home’s stove are also located in the clay core, which helps radiate heat throughout the home when lit. The organic material works to distribute heat and cooling between the three levels as well as moisture. The clay core and stove take inspiration from the traditional idea of the hearth as the center of the home.

Outside, slats of larch wood are mounted vertically as a rain screen, which will over time weather to a lovely grey. The placement and sizes of the windows were determined according to the rooms beyond and locally made, colorful green shutters accent the exterior. The walls are heavily insulated and the clay core inside provides ample thermal mass for the home to maximize energy efficiency. Additionally solar collectors on the roof provide energy for the home, while the fireplace helps produce hot water.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©partnerundpartner