Buenos Aires-based firm IR Arquitectura has created a brilliant modular cabin designed to offer not only exceptional flexibility, but also stellar energy efficiency. The cabin is made up of five distinct prefab modules that can be configured in various shapes. Equipped with a solar heating water system, a solar kitchen, a trombe wall and solar lamps, the sustainable cabin can operate completely off-grid in virtually any location.

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gray and light wood cabin

The cabin is built out of prefabricated modules that are manufactured off site and transported to the desired location. The cabin can be configured in a variety of shapes. Various sections of transparent cladding in the roof and on the walls allow natural light into the interior. Additionally, the cabin’s wide swinging doors provide a strong connection between the cabin and its surroundings.

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interior space with wood paneling and transparent roof

wood-lined interior with transparent roof

The modules are each clad in a thermal and waterproof coating to add a strong resilience to the design, which can be installed in nearly any environment. For example, after recently serving as a central building in an outdoor summer camp in Hungary, the cabin’s modules were dismantled and loaded onto a truck to be used in its next location.

wood-lined interior of a cabin with transparent ceiling

gray and light wood cabin with gabled roof

According to the architects, the cabin, which was a collaboration with the team from Hello Wood, was inspired by the need to provide inhabitants with the basic functions of storing, dressing, cooking, heating and resting. Clad in natural wood paneling and framework, the interior space is light and airy, with a notable minimalist appearance. Behind the simple design is an intricate, sustainable profile. The modules are installed with multiple clean energy features such as a solar heating water system, a solar kitchen, a trombe wall and Moser solar lamps.

+ IR Arquitectura

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Photography by Bujnovsky Tamás via IR Arquitectura

gabled cabin with transparent walls at night