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Inspired by the colorful flowers found in the Bahraini Desert, the Desert Flower sporting center is laid out in the shape of a flower cross-section. The long pistil-like area consists of a covered walkway that connects the main entrance to a large stadium, located at the flower’s receptacle region. A semi-elliptical grandstand partially wraps around the central stadium and opens up on one side to provide unique views of the sea.

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Four large petal-like pods radially branch out from the grandstand and into enclosed sports areas that include a basketball court, covered swimming pool, fitness area, and an auditorium for concerts and conferences. Smaller attached pods house additional food service areas. In addition to the integrated solar panels on the center’s large aluminum panel roof, Desert Flower will be optimized for cross-ventilation to take advantage of cooling sea breezes and reduce dependence on air conditioning.

+ Giancarlo Zema Design Group

Images via Giancarlo Zema Design Group