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The DomoLab’s roof is covered with SG solar tiles designed specifically for large installations. It is a freestanding system that is also completely waterproof. This takes care of renewable generation, but Encore Heureux also ensured that the interior would be designed in such a way that not a watt of energy is wasted. Cutting edge thermal glass optimizes the amount of sunlight that penetrates the open-plan three level building while superior insulation keeps heat transfer to an absolute minimum.

The crazy-looking igloo inside is actually an experiment in lighting. By manipulating lighting, researchers can play with the experience of too much or too little brightness to come up with what will be most comfortable for future clients, while a thermal mirror equipped with an infrared camera explores the properties of thermal materials. The building houses a library of Saint-Gobain’s technology and a series of installations, including a 3D projection room, provide an endless educational interactive experience for anyone lucky enough to cross the threshold of this incredible building!

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