The solar-powered Federation of Korean Industries Tower is now complete in Seoul – and it has one of the world’s most efficient solar facades. Adrian Smith + Gordon Architecture (AS+GG) designed the 240 meter high-rise with a self-regulating external skin that not only collects energy through photovoltaic panels, but also reduces internal heating and cooling loads.

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The building’s unique façade features spandrel panels that can be oriented to reflect a large percentage of sunlight and minimize the amount of direct sun radiation and glare. The rippled skin incorporates building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) oriented towards the sky, while vision panels are oriented downward toward the ground.

The completed building boasts several indoor garden spaces, with natural materials such as bamboo and wood, along with an abundance of vegetation. Adjacent to the tower is an oval-shaped addition, located toward Yeoi-Dae-Ro Avenue. This podium piece houses a banquet hall, central restaurant and conference rooms of various sizes.

AS+GG collaborated with engineering firms Thorhton Tomasetti and Environmental Systems Design, as well as the local firm Chang-Jo Architects, on developing what will surely become a new city centerpiece and a beacon of Korea’s goal of developing energy efficiency in buildings.

+ Adrian Smith + Gordon Architecture (AS+GG)

+ Chang-Jo Architects