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Heijmans ONE’s target demographic comprise the well-educated and single millennials between the ages of 25 and 35, who make too much to qualify for the Netherlands’ social housing, but not enough to secure good housing in the free rental sector. Heijmans ONE hits that sweet spot on the rental market by offering an affordable single-occupancy space that comprises all the necessary facilities like a kitchen, living room, bathroom, loft bedroom, and outside patio in a light-filled, two-story structure. Each dwelling will be part of a cluster of Heijmans ONE housing located on empty urban lots to create an attractive neighborhood of young professionals that would also help revitalize the surrounding site.

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To keep rental costs low, the Heijmans ONE is constructed out of prefabricated materials and can be easily and quickly set up in just one day. If the land that the Heijmans ONE is located is bought out by a developer who wants to build new housing, Heijmans’ all-wood structure doesn’t need to be demolished because it can be easily transported on a truck to its next destination. The Heijmans ONES are also equipped with new Aerspire solar panels, which provide part of the structure’s energy use. Heijmans hopes to one day make the prefab homes completely self-sufficient. The first two Heijmans ONE homes were installed on Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam in 2014.

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