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Although many aspects of the home are crisp and modern, there’s also a strong rustic aesthetic that pays tribute to its locale. Built with rustic materials, the exposed beams and barn doors are right at home in this rural location, while the rusted steel cladding creates a brilliant juxtaposition against the sprawling hills nearby. The house might be low-maintenance and fire-resistant, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on style and personality.

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It may be difficult to believe that a house this beautiful could also be sustainable, as that word may conjure images of rammed earth and cob for many people, but modern innovations such as this home’s triple-pane windows and closed cell foam insulation allow it to maintain constant, comfortable temperatures in both winter and summer. The open floor plan is ideal for daylighting, thus reducing the need for lamps, but when the lights are witched on, a 3.6kw photovoltaic array provides eco-friendly energy to power them.

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