Even though the 2,600 ft tall, 126 story Burj Dubai is still under construction, a fierce race is already brewing to construct the world’s next tallest building. Recently Santa Monica building designer Tommy Landau threw his hat into the ring by proposing a super-tall 224 story skyscraper to be located in Abu Dhabi. While the building is years away from being built, Landau is convinced that by that time technology will be advanced enough to coat the building in solar cells and power it completely with the sun. Very apropos given the tower’s desert location!

Tommy Landau‘s supermassive skyscraper will culminate ‘s life’s work if he can acquire funding and a buyer for the record-setting structure. The current design is merely a speculation and intended for the city of Abu Dhabi, in hopes they will want to one-up their neighbor city Dubai. A conceptual design is currently under review by the Abu Dhabi planning committee, but it still could be a number of years before the $3.5 billion project is underway.

If it was built the skyscraper would hold over 11 million square feet for offices, shops, hotels and condominiums. There are also designs to include a massive clock at the same height as the top of the Empire State Building, indoor gardens, a museum dedicated to antiquities, as well as a restaurant at the base of the tower that rotates like a ferris wheel.

Set to join a slew of other super projects for the man-made island of Abu Dhabi, Landau’s skyscraper will aim to generate even more power than it uses in order to be net zero. Although the technology for the necessary type of solar cell doesn’t quite exist yet, the developers are convinced that advances in solar cells and nanotechnology will allow them to place solar cells in the glass curtain walls of the building. Of course, first they need to shore up that little matter of investors and approval. Perhaps with a project this big, technology can step up to the plate.

Via LA Times and EcoFriend