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The high-tech shelter is designed to provide a sustainable source of vital resources on-site. Four hydraulic legs quickly stabilize the structure on rugged terrain, and an outer wall rises to create a second story, providing shelter in less than five minutes. Bunk beds and an office desk are built-in as well.

The lower section stores a shower and bio toilet, a small kitchen, storage for supplies, and equipment. Solar cells built into the roof and walls feedlithium-ion batteries, and the building is supplemented by a fuel cell. Water is also created by a condensing atmospheric moister that can provide up to 20 liters a day.

The skin is perforated to allow diffused light into the upper story, and built-in LEDs can indicate visual information for miles. The developers see the EDV-1 used as an anchor for emergency hospitals, temporary tent cities or logistical support — but for now it will be the centerpiece of ­Little Tokyo Design Week which begins on July 14th in Los Angeles.

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