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The Vintage Overland Caravan comes in three different models. All campers sport a welded steel frame with anodized aluminum, a rooftop solar panel, vintage-style tail lights, exterior utility light, off-road-capable torsion axle, powder coated frames and fenders, rear receiver hitch, and roof rack mounts. The caravan opens up through a hand-built oversized door to reveal a hardwood Baltic birch interior with solar-powered LEDs and an iPhone-ready accessory jack. A comfy memory foam mattress in the 4-feet-wide and 8-foot-long cabin—the cabin is a foot wider in the T.E. Lawrence version—is included in all models, though the bigger models offer a few extra features including a rear hatch, large multipurpose storage boot, and more.

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Despite its durable and large frame, the lightweight Vintage Overland Trailer only weighs around 600 to 700 pounds. The starting price for the most basic camper model starts at $10,500. All Vintage Overland caravans are made to order in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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