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Not only does the parking lot harvest energy, it also incorporates overhead utilities and repositions underground utilities for more efficient use. Power and data cables line a cable corridor alongside the parking lot, which provides easy access to power and data companies. This eliminates the need for overhead power lines and amazingly removes cell phone dead spots. The cable corridor is able to house all kinds of cables, including TV, fiber optics for high speed internet, and phone. Another function of this incredibly smart parking lot is to store, treat and redistribute storm water.

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Though the Brusaw’s smart parking lot is operational, it still needs refinement to hit the commercial production stage. To this end, the couple have launched an Indigogo campaign that started on Earth Day, April 22, 2014. Currently, around 69 percent of the layer under the glass of each hexagonal unit is made up of solar cells, but the plan is to reach 100 percent. The funds raised through the campaign will go towards hiring a team of engineers and other professionals, streamline the production process and move into the manufacturing phase. The campaign goal is $1 million. You can donate here.

Via Gizmag