In 2011 we wrote about Solar Ship, a helium zero-emissions cargo plane that is capable of delivering much-needed goods to people in remote areas where vehicles simply cannot reach. Today, Solar Ship is now one step closer to reality after receiving a grant to build a next-generation airship that could fly critical supplies to First Nation communities in North America. In order to realize their goal, they are turning to crowd funding to raise much-needed additional financial support.

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When disaster strikes, sometimes roads and airports are damaged beyond immediate repair, delaying the arrival of rescue operations and relief. Solar Ship wanted to address this problem and to bring goods to communities that aren’t reachable by road by creating an air delivery system that could land in an area as small as a soccer field. At the same time, they realized the importance of creating an environmentally-friendly craft.

The result is the Solar Ship. Each plane is helium-filled and lined with solar panels, which allows it to fly without the need for fossil fuels and without generating dirty emissions.

Though Solar Ship has received funding for flights outside of Africa, and in order to complete the delivery system, the company has turned to Indiegogo to ask for help from the community. Those who contribute $500 can advertise on the ship, but any donation helps Solar Ship to reach its admirable goal.