Just in time for sunny spring days, Novothink has announced that its hotly anticipated Solar Surge iPod and iPhone cases have hit the market and are available for sale! We’ve followed these sleek solar cases all the way from their concept renderings, and we’re excited to say that the potent photovoltaic chargers look even better in real life. Touted as the first apple-certified solar iPod cases, they’re capable of harnessing the sun’s rays to extend audio playback by 20 hours and 3G talk time by 4 hours.

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Apple’s iPhone and iPod have grown into portable media powerhouses that offer everything from wireless internet to a bevy of games and multimedia applications. Fittingly, they burn through their batteries like there’s no tomorrow — how many times has your conversation/personal dance party been cut short due to a dead battery?

Novothink‘s new solar cases make a lot of sense, offering an on-the go way to keep your gadgets charged. Each durable protective casing is emblazoned with a thin-film photovoltaic cell that’s capable of generating 30 minutes of 3G talk time after soaking up 2 hours of direct sunlight. Extra energy is stored in an integrated lithium ion battery, and a set of low-energy LEDs display the device’s charging status.

Both cases are available now at $79.95 for the iPhone model and $69.95 for the iPod Touch model.

+ Novothink