While the bulk of the energy usage may be happening just a few blocks north, Las Vegas is going a little bit greener by powering the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” with three solar trees. For years the sign has been a marker that lets people know that they have arrived in Sin City. Now the sign will also act as a symbol of the city’s commitment to renewable energy. To realize their Clean Energy Project, Nevada worked with Green Chips, a non-profit focused on sustainability and the Clark County Commission to erect a three-tree solar installation next to the sign. The installation not only provides much needed shade for tourists, it also powers up what may be one of the world’s most photographed locations.

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The free standing solar trees were placed so that they would not interfere with the sign itself and they provide 100 percent of the energy needed to power the sign through each of the tree’s six 265-watt panels. According to the Clean Energy Project, “the high profile nature of the sign makes it a superb symbol as well as an educational opportunity for visitors and locals to become more informed about the significant progress made in creating sustainable communities in Southern Nevada.” An information plaque near the sign provides further information about the project and sustainability in the area.

The project didn’t cost tax payers a dime because it was funded with a series of donations and grants, along with donated materials that were designed and made by companies based in Southern Nevada. Technically, the sign will still run on grid power at night, since the trees don’t store power, they only generate it, but the offset means that the sign isn’t adding to the power needs of the city. According to Green Chips, “Southern Nevada is quickly becoming a recognized leader in renewable energy and environmental responsibility and what better way to proclaim this significant progress than by utilizing our most famous and recognizable historic landmark?”

Via Earth Techling

Images from Green Chips