Skylights are a great addition to any house, as they bring in more natural light – cutting down on artificial light electricity costs, as well as promoting good health for a home’s occupants. Unfortunately, however, skylights are hard to install in most pre-built homes because they require so much roof real estate. Also, unless the sun is at the right angle and there are absolutely no clouds in the sky, skylights don’t always illuminate a space in a way that makes their cost worthwhile. Thats why we love Solatube – a smart technology which takes skylights one step further by refracting, reflecting and concentrating solar light into a small tube using mirrors and lenses.

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Solar Tube, Solatube, Solar pipe, skylight, daylight, daylighting, natural light, architectural daylighting solutions Solatube’s efficiency comes from its patented Raybender Technology and Light Intercepting Transfer Device (LITD). These two items allow Solatube to utilize light that is not necessarily in the direct path of the tube and redirect it to provide optimal light from sunrise to sunset.

Available in three models, a compact 10″, a larger 14″, and an even larger 21″ Solatube demonstrates how even a small opening can bring a lot of illumination into a room, using forward-thinking technology.

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