This year’s CES is showcasing some great green products, and we were particularly impressed by this new solar powered outdoor lamp by miniWIZ, who brought us the Hymini Portable Wind Charger. The Solarbulb is a brilliant solution that provides light while making use of old plastic bottles. Simply attach it to any ordinary bottle and the 0.18 W solar cells will provide up to 6 hours of continuous night lighting.

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The SolarBulb installs in a snap by screwing onto any bottle, and the LED light illuminates when its sensor automatically detects the darkness. The top half of the Solarbulb can be tilted in order to collect maximum sunlight, and it charges fully in 3-4 hours. The lamp’s casing is UV-ABS weatherproofed and water resistant, and you can fill the bottle up with water to further amplify the light and weigh it down for windy locations.

The bulbs, which are not yet for sale, are expected to cost anywhere from $23-25 each and will be available with one or two LED bulbs in a variety of colors. We think that these cute little lights would be really attractive on a porch or garden at night and are probably a better solution than tiki torches or those funny rechargeable candles.

+ miniWIZ