Hundreds of thousands of electric cars are expected to be on the road in the next five years. Charging these vehicles has proven to be a challenge, mostly because of the lack of infrastructure — but now SolarCity is stepping in and answering consumer demands for cleaner transportation by offering installation services for ClipperCreek‘s solar-powered EV chargers, which are compatible with all EVs currently on the road.

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The 240-volt chargers are available for as little as $1,500 and allow consumers to save up to 77 percent compared to what drivers of gas-guzzling vehicles pay for their fuel.  SolarCity, which is best known for leasing solar panels to residential and commercial customers, is offering existing clients a discount on the chargers–basically encouraging these customers to make the switch to EVs by subsidizing their chargers.

Beyond simple cash savings, powering EVs with electricity generated from a home solar system means that drivers can enjoy carbon-free electricity, unlike with standard EV chargers that grab electricity from the grid.

SolarCity made news in 2009 by partnering with Rabobank to install the first solar-powered electric car charging corridor between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  This time around, the company will jumpstart the solar-powered service with installations at 24 of its operations centers in the U.S, including Denver, CO; Phoenix, AZ; and Washington, D.C.

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Photos courtesy of Rabobank, SolarCity