Here at inhabitat we love seeing sun-soaking solar accessories, and this Solarjo Power Purse packs more than just good looks. Appearing at first glance as sleek as any other designer handbag, this classy clutch is studded with enough solar cells to charge a cell phone battery in just two hours. As chic as they are functional, you may soon see these solar powered purses on the arms of eco-fashionistas everywhere.

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The purse has a battery tucked away inside its lining with an attached USB cable that can be used to charge just about any device. No longer will you have to carry an energy-sucking cell phone charger with you – simply sit your purse in the sun and let it charge. The batteries will store power for up to two months, so you can power your devices as needed.

The designer of this powerful little purse is Joe Hynek, who is striving to make solar accessories fashionable. Expect to see the Solarjo purse hit the market at the end of 2008. Like any designer handbag, this one will set you back $285, but just think of all the free energy that it can provide.

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