The SolarWorld GT has been on a world tour, and it finally reached the North American leg of its excursion, hitting the sparkling streets of the US just yesterday! The solar car was sent off on its cross-country jaunt at the Half Moon Bay in California with a plan to head east to meet Florida in 49 days. Since leaving Darwin, Australia, last October, the zero-emission, solar-powered beauty has clocked over 3,000 miles!

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The car caused quite a stir last year when the team consisting of solar panel manufacturer SolarWorld and Bochum University of Applied Sciences in Germany presented it to the public.Photovoltaic panels built into the roof power the four-wheeled automobile, and its solar generator offers a peak performance of 823 watts.

For its onwards journey, the car will be stopping off in several southern states before arriving in Florida in March. From there it will bid farewell to the states and cross the Atlantic Ocean, making its way across Europe, then into Asia and Africa. When it returns to its final destination in Darwin, it will have set a new record for a solar car by driving over 21,000 miles across the planet.

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Images courtesy of SolarWorld GT