Artist Howard Solomon has fulfilled every kid’s dream by building himself a castle out of recycled materials! Located in Ona, Florida, this 12,000-square-foot home has it all-a moat, dungeon, gardens, stained glass windows and a drawbridge, all made of metal scraps, discarded car parts and reused materials. The strange-looking castle that took 12 years to build is open to visitors and even offers overnight stays in the Blue Moon Room located in the East Tower.

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Solomon began working on the castle in the 70s after he and his family moved to Ona, Florida. Even though he was planning to build a simple home with a garden, he soon realized that his property was located in the middle of a swamp. He decided to build a much larger structure, one that would resist potential floods. After 12 years of building and four more spent on erecting a Spanish galleon in the moat, today the castle has become a popular attraction in the area.

Covered with aluminium off-set printing plates discarded by a nearby newspaper, the building looks a bit like a medieval knight’s armor. Solomon, who is now 76, lives here with his wife and welcomes tourists from all over the country. There is a 250-seat restaurant, a place to spend the night, and the castle often serves as a venue for events such as weddings and car shows.

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