We’re told repeatedly not to use single-use plastics or create waste by using throwaway dishes, but that might not be true anymore. Mobi Ecoware is a new and eco-friendly disposable plate you can purchase at Walmart or on Amazon. And get this: it’s completely compostable and made out of sugarcane pulp.

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Burger on a Mobi Ecoware plate

As mentioned above, this plate is made from the sugarcane pulp left after sugar is produced. Such sugarcane pulp (bagasse) breaks down in 45 days in a backyard or commercial compost. Most plastic items take 11 generations to break down. Meanwhile, paper plates, while better than plastic, can be covered in waxes or don’t hold up to wet dishes.

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A person holding the eco-friendly plate

Mobi says its Ecoware plates are three times stronger than standard paper plates and can support two and a half pounds held with just one hand. Additionally, the plates are grease and water-resistant and safe for microwave or freezer use.

Someone cutting into a burger on the biodegradable plate

“Bagasse is a rapidly renewable resource, unlike wood and plastic,” says David Naghi, CEO of MOBI Technologies. “Our 10-inch eco-friendly natural disposable bagasse plates are large and strong enough to serve full-size meals at your next party, picnic, or camping trip. You can also use these plates to serve your food truck or restaurant guests.”

Meals set on the Ecoware

Moreover, corn starch and ink derived from fruit and vegetable sources round out the list of ingredients used in these super sustainable plates. When you’re done using these plates, they go right back into the earth instead of creating plastic pollution or waste.

The packaging is sustainable, too, and the price is set to fit a normal budget. The dishes are BPI Certified, USDA BioPreferred Certified and FDA-approved for safe food contact. They are also PFAS free, meaning no chemical residue to get on your food.

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