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Terminal 2 will take over operations now that it is complete from the original Terminal 1 in Mumbai and serve as a grand entrance into the city and a hub of transportation for 40 million passengers a year. The new terminal provides 4.4 million square feet of space on four levels with the main departures entrance located on the top floor. SOM’s grand design was inspired by traditional Indian pavilions, or ‘headhouse’, but as a modern interpretation of the local vernacular. Large columns fan out to an arching ceiling and intricate jali window screens provide filtered light to reach inside.

SOM designed the airport in an efficient way to speed travel and aid in operations. The main hall is a welcoming space filled with shops and services before it shoots off to one side with two radial arms to facilitate easy access to the gates. The design also allows for flexibility and adaptation in the future as airport needs change or expand. Inside, the space is filled with local art, artifacts and furniture to act as a symbol for India and Mumbai.

The massive roof, which is one of the largest in the world without an expansion joint, soars 40 meters above floor level to provide an airy entrance hall. Fritted glass provides optimal thermal performance and mitigates glare, while perforated metal panels on the terminal’s curtain wall filter the low western and eastern sun angles. Skylights and light wells down to the lower floors pull in additional daylight into the interior of the airport. “We designed an airport that is intimately connected to its surroundings,” explains Roger Duffy, FAIA, Design Partner at SOM. “By subtly incorporating regional patterns and textures at all scales, Terminal 2 resonates with a sense of place and serves as a spectacular symbol for India and Mumbai.”

Images ©SOM; Photographer, Robert Polidori / © Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd.