In the age of digital photography, photographers on the go know that keeping charged is an essential consideration. Whereas most cameras use batteries for power, Sony recently revealed a unique looking device that is powered by kinetic energy! The latest in the company’s Odo line of green gadgets, the Twirl n’ Take camera is charged by giving its circular head a spin.

Resembling a magnifying glass or flower, the Twirl n’ Take’s rolling head provides power by transforming kinetic energy into electricity. The device apparently takes decent photos, although it takes about 15 seconds of rolling to charge for a picture The camera is installed in the handle, and as the device has no screen, one uses the hole as a viewfinder.

As an extension of the Twirl n’ Take’s floral form, Sony decided to create a cute flowerpot to act as the camera’s docking station. In addition to its battery-free design, the camera is composed of biodegradable vegetable-based plastics. Needless to say, we want one!

+ Sony Odo

Via Clean Technica