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Sou Fujimoto‘s Outlook Tower is designed for a site at the end of a large avenue in Doha, Qatar. “From afar, the volumes are perceived as a gateway connecting the Corniche Sea with the mainland while having an overall mirage-like appearance,” say the architects.

Fujimoto talked about the significance of the complex’ waterfalls: “By incorporating multiple waterfalls, instead of one large [waterfall], different mountains of water are created feeding the avenue,” said the architects. “There will be a wide range [of] waterfalls; smaller on the top to prevent any interference from the wind and larger towards the bottom to create evaporative cooling.”

The architect also developed a second proposal called Souk Mirage / Particles of Light that stacks structural arches on top of each other to create an undulating topology. The center incorporates retail, residential and office spaces, exhibition areas, a community centre, and a series of public courtyards and atriums surrounded by a green plaza.

+ Sou Fujimoto

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Images by Sou Fujimoto