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Glowing a glittering green in the Souda booth, the Bubble Chandelier is made from 60 post-consumer PET bottles. Riveted together as a beautifully chunky sphere, the bottles still show off their bumpy bottoms and nozzles, adding to the crystalline aesthetic of the piece. Each Bubble Chandelier is handmade, and comes in either clear or transparent green.

Souda’s beautiful design doesn’t just give back to the planet by salvaging disused plastic bottles, but also to the community in which they’re made. Each of the bottles used is collected by a person from the area’s homeless community. SURE WE CAN’s bottle redemption center is the only homeless-friendly of its kind in New York, helping to help the homeless make some money for themselves. Beyond just the five cent redemption, Souda also donates 15% of the profit made from the Bubble Chandelier back to the homeless, creating an additional benefit for the bottle collectors. The glittering Bubble Chandelier is the symbol of local craftsmanship, that is good for both the earth and society – and it’s pretty too!

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