Seoul, South Korea is now home to the world’s tallest LEGO skyscraper – the LEGO World Tower! Built to celebrate LEGO’s 80th birthday, the tower reached a record-breaking 104.65 feet. The previous reigning tallest LEGO tower in France was just an inch shorter, at 103.67 feet.

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4,000 lucky contestants gathered to assemble portions of the LEGO skyscraper over the course of five days. The “construction crew” was made up of children who entered LEGO’s contest to join in the fun and play with the blocks to help make the record-breaking tower. Composed of over 50,000 LEGO blocks of varying colors, the portions were put together in a temporary pavilion before being stacked atop each other in the courtyard outside Seoul’s Olympic City complex.

The tower was completed by the Crown Prince of Denmark, who was flown in for the ceremony to place the “winning” brick. LEGO enthusiasts have been building towers since 1988, with the first built in London. Since then, over thirty towers have been built, each breaking the height record of the previous one, encouraging more teams to take the record across the world.

The South Korean tower is held in place by a central support rod and side tethers. LEGO was the first branded toy brought to the Korean Market and has a large presence in Asian countries. The amazing tower was erected to bring together families to have fun playing with the iconic LEGO bricks.

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