Vietnam’s capital of Ho Chi Minh City is currently a glass-concrete jungle, but plans are afoot to change all of that. A project is being developed for the center of the historic capital, which will aim to “create a green oasis to spread the message of green revolution across the country.” It is hoped that the project, called South Saigon Yacht Park, will bring back an old world charm and a balance between the people and nature in the busy capital.

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The park has been designed by Liberty Architecture and will aim to show-case “Vietnam’s celebrated rich past culture” in addition to becoming the green focus of the famous city. The new construction will also try to spread the message of a greener, cleaner and healthier way of living for the Vietnamese people.

The city will also take lessons from many European cities by creating zero-carbon-emission zones, and aims to encourage people to take clean-energy transport such as bicycles, or to save even more fossil fuels, walk.

The park itself will aim to incorporate features that will fulfill the requirements of the populace. The north section of the park will host recreation and entertainment areas, as well as shopping multiplexes. There will also be centers to enjoy cultural activities like theaters and auditoriums, all set amidst verdant greenery. Meanwhile the south side will have commercial river dock facilities along with residential buildings.

The South Saigon Yacht Park is set to be Vietnam’s first destination aiming to unify urban areas and nature. It is set to be a major environmental boon, not  just for the city, but the country.

+ Liberty Architecture

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