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Each side of the aerodynamic building has angled surfaces of varying heights, with wall-to-wall windows on each level. The strips of windows follow the bends of each surface, letting in daylight at different angles. The open interior has balcony floors that line each wall but are detached from the exterior, allowing for natural light from each floor to illuminate the entire inside.

Inbo designed the building to meet the company’s goal of creating a comfortable working environment. Each floor offers flexible, open areas that can adapt to the company’s needs, and the plan also includes coffee shops and even a game room. The company’s paperless policy means that all workers will need to use laptops instead of desktop computers, so comfortable work stations are situated throughout the floor for ease and convenience. Cabinets, files and printers are absent – they have been replaced with pillows and comfortable chairs.

The futuristic design of Inbo’s exterior and interior is a perfect match for the client’s futuristic take on a modern office environment.

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