We first saw renderings of the futuristic MercuryHouseOne this past summer, and now that construction is complete we’re thrilled to unveil the finished project! The MercuryHouseOne is a mobile lounge powered by solar panels and decked out with all the latest and greatest sound equipment and lighting. Architecture and Vision designed, built and then debuted it at the Venice Biennale, and now we have pictures of it in action.

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The MercuryHouseOne mobile lounge can be used as a portable pavilion, an outdoors office, a room, or even an off-grid natural retreat. Architecture and Vision designed it for a client as a mobile pavilion to showcase products while promoting innovative technologies and materials. The interior can be outfitted to fit the needs of the client, whether that be for office space, living quarters, or product displays.

Built out of Carrara marble (a local material in Italy) and backlit to showcase the form at night, the body is sleek and round, like a drop of mercury. The top of the pavilion is outfitted with solar panels, making it totally self-sufficient and off-grid capable. Prefabricated in a factory, the MercuryHouseOne can be transported by a truck or even a helicopter to its location. This would be the perfect eco-lounge for concerts or festivals – to bad they’re not in Park City right now for the Sundance Film Festival.