We may not be able to live in space, yet, but you can spend your afterlife in outer space – thanks to companies who will send your cremated remains into orbit – and now your pooch can join you there. Houston-based Celestis Pets has launched a service that will shoot your beloved pet into space in a glorious celestial homage to your best friend.

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Celestis calls itself the “world’s first pet memorial spaceflight service,” willing to “honor your best friend with a journey to the stars.” Depending on how far you want your pet to go, the company offers four different launch options. The first is Earth rise, which sends your pet into zero gravity before landing safely back on Earth. Earth Orbit, the second option, sends your pet into space alongside a satellite before streaking into the atmosphere in a blaze.

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For the more adventurous pet, Luna sends your pet’s remains to the moon, while the final option, Voyage, launches your pet into deep space where they can “journey through the stars.” Concerns about space pollution aside, Celestis claims that sending your pet into deep space could even allow your pet to “meaningfully contribute to the future of life on Earth,” though it’s not exactly clear how.

The starter package will set you back $995 while the priciest option clocks in at a whopping $12,500. In each case, a gram of your pet’s remains or a lock of hair will be encapsulated and sent on its journey. So what do you think? The perfect send-off for your animal pal or not so much?

Via Springwise

Images via Celestis Pets