Spain may have cut its famous solar subsidies in light of their financial crisis, but that hasn’t stopped other renewable energy sectors in the country from thriving. The country will soon be home to an impressive 50-megawatt biomass plant, able to provide energy to 400,000 people.

The new biomass plant, will be built by Ence in the  town of Huelva located in southern Spain. Ence’s $130 million plant will become the country‘s largest, able to convert organic matter (i.e. straw, manure, or forest waste) and turn it into energy.

Biomass is the second largest, renewable source of energy in the U.S., but at the moment it isn’t that popular in Spain, making up just  1.3% of energy production last year, compared to 12.5% for wind farms. But if everything goes as planned with Ence’s latest project, biomass just may reign supreme.

Via PhysOrg