Bad luck, Norway — just when they thought they had secured the title of world’s largest wind turbine with a 10MW installation, Spain swooped in to steal their thunder. Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa has announced that they are constructing an epic 15MW wind turbine that will help them address certain technical and financial troubles associated with offshore wind development

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The project, named Azimut, finds Gamesa working with 11 other wind and engineering firms as well as 22 research centers. The supermassive turbine is rumoured to cost €25 million ($33.3 million) and it will be built using 100% Spanish technology. The main partners and participating firms in the development are Alstom Wind, Acciona Windpower, Iberdrola Renovables and Acciona Energía.

In a statement, Gamesa said; “(We) will head activities related to offshore wind energy capture, Acciona Windpower will be responsible for electricity conversion technologies; Alstom Wind will manage the marine structure and substructure segment; Acciona Energía will head construction, operation and maintenance at offshore sites; with Iberdrola Renovables managing the integration of offshore wind energy into the electricity grid.”

The project is expected to be finished and completely online by 2020.

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