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Sant Joan Hospital de Reus, Mario Corea Arquitectura, spain, hospital, green roof, daylighting

The hospital is composed of a series of six rectangular volumes that shoot off at perpendicular angles to the main corridor, which has a large, slanted roof that optically reduces the size of the building. These narrow volumes sit on top of administration and technical facilities, creating space for light and air to reach into the patient corridors. Clad in white tile, the hospital has a refreshingly light aesthetic, and it is connected with the surrounding city through multiple access points around its perimeter. Smaller atria offer entrances on a more human scale, which link up to a larger circulation corridor that connects to the patient wings.

In between each patient wing is a large green roof that is visible and accessible from patients’ rooms. These green roofs sit above more facilities below and are punctuated with skylights and light wells that pull natural daylight down into the space. Gardens surrounding the hospital infuse the urban environment with even more nature. Louvers on one of the south-facing facades protects the interior from overheating while allowing in light, while the large angled white facade shields the main corridor. Mario Corea Arquitectura received the NAN Award in 2010 for Best Energy Integration in Architecture.

Images ©Mario Corea Arquitectura